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About Green Olive Press

Green Olive Press is an independent publishing company.

Green Olive Press publishes a small number of high quality titles related to food, literature, ‘words’ (such as poetry, anthologies and stories) and some children’s stories.

Green Olive Press also provides publishing services – such as editorial and design services – to other publishers, business and corporations, as well as self-publishing individuals. Further information can be found on the Services page.

Bookshops wishing to stock Green Olive Press titles should contact Dennis Jones & Associates. Green Olive Press is a member of the Australian Publishers’ Association.

Why ‘Green Olive Press’?

The inspiration for the name was derived at a dinner party in the company of good friends and fine wine – and bowls full of olives.

Olive trees are hardy and strong, and grow well despite neglect, poor conditions and harsh pruning. They are resilient and tenacious, and are native to the Mediterranean, Asia and parts of Africa and have also been introduced to countries as far away as Australia, Japan and China. They conjure exotic images of far-away places, and modern day events. Old olive trees have seen a lot and lived through a lot; they have wisdom and knowledge. They are pretty impressive! An olive tree was the perfect image for the Green Olive Press.

The association of olive trees and literature spans the decades. Olive and olive trees are mentioned frequently in literature – from Homer’s Odyssey through to Catherine Aziz in The Olive Readers (2005), and are also referred to in the Bible, Qu’ran and the Book of Mormon.

‘Green Olive Press’ seemed an ideal choice.

Meet the team

Caroline Webber, DirectorCaroline Webber, Publisher

Caroline has always had a passion for books and writing. She is an experienced editor and dabbles in writing. Her most recent book is Putting Pen to Paper.

Caroline has a Masters degree in Renaissance and Romantic Literature and a doctorate from the University of Liverpool (UK) for her research on eighteenth-century literature and editorial practices in Gaston de Blondeville by the Gothic novelist, Ann Radcliffe.

Gloria Tsang, Designer

For the five years I’ve been working in Graphic Design, I’ve been involved in a diverse range of projects – all of which I’ve found something different which have sparked my interest in some way. There are so many creative avenues to explore and inspiration finds me sometimes in the most unexpected of places.

Helen Moss, Editor

Before joining GOP as an editor, Helen worked for many years in communications, including editing a trade journal. She has a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing from UTS, and a research Masters in Australian Literature. As well as being an avid reader, she writes short fiction, and blogs about books and writing.

Contact Green Olive Press

Please use the form below to get in touch with Green Olive Press. We aim to respond to all enquiries as soon as possible.