Diaries of a Corporate Princess


Hacy Tobias was a high-flying executive and ‘corporate princess’, who took the world in her stride. The only glass ceiling in her life was the sunroof in her car.

Then one day she had a fateful meeting with her boss and everything changed. She was out of the company and, more importantly, out of her corporate princess life.

So begins the transition from corporate princess to small business princess. Not an easy or short journey but one filled with humour, learning and self-reflection. Laughing one moment at her escapades and the next wanting to reach for a tissue, the reader shares in the self criticism, sadness and yet the delight of a life irrevocably changed.

For anyone who has ever lost their job, been downsized or simply wants to change their life, The Diaries of a Corporate Princess is the book for you. If you have ever wondered ‘what would my life be like if I had my own business’, this is the book for you. If you are just after a jolly good read, this book is perfect.

Hacy Tobias

Hacy Tobias has over 33 years experience in the corporate world, including twenty at general manager level. She spent over a decade in global roles until one day, out of the blue, her job ended. Hacy then entered the small business world, where after much frustration and a lot of learning, she became a committed small business princess. Hacy is currently working on a novel.