The Motherhood Collective


12 Powerful and Inspiring Stories from Mothers Around the World

Angela Kelly loved being a mother.

But she often felt defeated and out of her depth. Sensing that she’d missed some kind of maternal memo, she set out to connect with other women. She wanted to know one thing: How were they navigating the seemingly unnavigable waters of the Motherhood Strait?

From post-World War 2 Greece and earthquake-ravaged El Salvador, to modern-day Singapore, Canada and Australia, The Motherhood Collective brings together diverse tales of devotion, heartache and ultimately, survival.

Laced with warmth and authenticity, this book explores themes of politics, religion, mental health, domestic violence, immigration, same-sex marriage, disability and divorce.

Inspirational, funny and poignant, these stories will stay with you long after you’ve read the last page.

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I couldn’t put this book down, it’s a little treasure trove of wonderful stories of incredible women. I believe that whoever reads The Motherhood Collective, will feel connected to many of these women through their hardships, struggles, successes, joys and love. Their unconditional love, perseverance and strength make each and every one of them an inspiration. Angela, you have beautifully written a book that will touch everyone’s heart. ??

What a beautiful collection of unique stories of motherhood! Although each story stands alone the collection as a whole eloquently illustrates how the challenges and joys of motherhood transcend generations, race, religion and sexual preference. The stories beautifully show the amazing strength and resilience of mothers and give us the privilege of knowing what happened behind closed doors for 12 different women. The reality of what these women have been through is amazing. Loved every page.

What a special book! I loved reading these women’s stories - the diversity of their situations, what they found most challenging in their lives and how their relationships changed with motherhood and time. Angela has done a beautiful job of capturing each woman’s unique voice and succeeded in her aim to give this reader strength, perspective and a sense of connection.

Angela Kelly

Angela Kelly lives in Brisbane with her partner Chris, and is a stay-at-home mother to Annika, 8 and Mitchell, 6. When she’s not dreaming of her next trip to the French Alps, she enjoys walking and yoga, reading and writing, champagne, coffee and croissants. In a former life, she was a Chartered Accountant with a deep-seated hankering to move into the literary world. She hopes this book will be the first of many.