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Green Olive Press Pty Ltd is a Sydney publishing company. We publish ‘Stories worth writing; writing worth reading’ through our two imprints: Green Olive Press (traditionally published books in the genre of literary fiction, meaningful non-fiction and children’s books) and GO Publishing (custom published books)

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Current Titles

Two Dogs in BondiWilhelmina WombatEdred the EmuThe Man from TalalavaikaSilly Sausage
Two Dogs in BondiWilhelmina WombatThe Man from TalalavaikaSilly Sausage
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Solomon has moved to Bondi and is pining for a surf buddy until he meets fellow poodle-cross, Bobbi-Ray, who is up for the challenge.

However, there is a problem – Solomon can’t stand up on the board and Bobbi is terrified of waves. Soon they become the laughing stock of Bondi hipster Staffies who all know how to surf. Together they decide to tap into the wise teachings of ex-surfing Staffy Mr. Cornelius Wagstaffe, face their fears about the ocean and understand the true meaning of friendship.
Wilhelmina Wombat tells the delightful story of a young girl, Simone, who is passionate about animals and is prepared to adapt her life to theirs willingly, and often at the expense of her own comfort!

One day, Simone rescues an orphaned baby wombat and with that, her life changes and the inseparable pair get caught up in a whole series of entertaining antics, until one day, a decision - the biggest decision of Simone’s life has to be made.

With the theme of caring and sharing Simone and Wilhelmina will bring you tears of laughter, sadness, and ultimate joy.
Edred is a happy young emu who lives in the Australian bush. He is fast and loves to run but his poor eyesight means he keeps tripping over and bumping into things. When a bushfire hits, Edred relies on his new glasses and long legs to lead his friends and family to safety.

Edred Emu’s New Glasses is Kristine Lockett's second children’s story where we get to catch up with all our favourite characters from Kevin’s Very First Adventure.
When Peter forged travel documents during Stalin’s formidable reign to see his parents in a Siberian labour camp before they perished, he knew he was facing the life-or-death challenge of his life.

Based on a true story, The Man from Talalaivka, is both a political and personal story. But above all, it is a story about survival and endurance, and love: love for one’s family, love for one’s country, love for humanity.
Young Molly feels like she doesn’t fit in at school, but with the help of a new friend, she realises how special she really is. Meet Pete, a walking, talking sausage who helps Molly to acknowledge her talents and be proud of who she is. This book teaches children to understand that everyone is unique and to respect each other.