No matter what genre your book is – from picture books to corporate publications – Green Olive Press can help you create the perfect publication that meets your requirements (and your budget!), whether it’s a single, hand-bound presentation copy, print-on-demand books, eBooks or a  large print run. Green Olive Press can provide:

  • Research and archive work
  • Cover design
  • Internal design and typesetting
  • Production management
  • Illustrations and photography
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Cataloging-in-Publication and Legal Deposit organisation
  • Printing
  • E-book creation
  • Distribution

alongside our editorial and writing service, Green Olive Press has experience in producing:

  • Fiction and non-fiction publications
  • Children’s books
  • Corporate brochures and marketing materials (including postcards, flyers, booklets and business stationery)
  • Training manuals, fact sheets and course materials
  • Policy documents
  • Bespoke, hand-bound books.


Structural (or substantive) editing

Structural review of manuscript, including content, language, voice and tone, grammatical conventions, progression and readability.

Copy editing

Review of manuscript to ensure there is consistency of style, punctuation, grammar, abbreviations, presentation of text, language and references.

Verification editing

Verifying copy and review of its integrity (the validity of statements made, the references used, the locations mentioned, dates etc), proofreading, ensuring conformity with house style, format and layout checking.


Reading the document to ensure there are no misplaced letters, typographical errors, misplaced or misused words.

Comprehensive editing

All of the above, provided as a single package.

Plain English editing

Review and rewrite (if necessary) of the manuscript to ensure it is appropriate for the readers.


Have an idea but don’t have time to research and write your own book? We can take care of everything from research through to ghostwriting.


Acquiring, selecting and researching information for a publication.

Manuscript appraisal

Reviewing manuscript and providing advice on areas for further development or research, and on its suitability for publication.

Copy writing

General copy writing for a range of publications, included electronic publications, marketing materials, reports, fiction and non-fiction.

Ghost writing

Writing on behalf of someone else.

Tender writing and funding submissions

Content or full tenders written for a range of industries; applications written and submitted to charitable trusts and funding bodies for non-profit organisations.


We know how hard it can be to write a book, no matter what the topic, genre or subject matter. It can be difficult to stay focused, keep on track, or find inspiration.

Green Olive Press provides tailored coaching services to individuals and organisations. Some writers prefer a weekly telephone conversation, others prefer monthly face-to-face contact, and some prefer email contact.

Whatever your preference Green Olive Press can design a package to keep you motivated and help you get those words down on paper.

Writing at Work – Coaching Package

Green Olive Press also offers a coaching package specifically tailored to business communication: our Writing at Work – Coaching Package. 

By breaking down, analysing and understanding the key elements behind the structure and purpose of various forms of business communication, the participant will be guided through the process of writing various business documents relevant to their current role – from writing emails and letters, to board papers, policies and procedures.

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