Turn Your Child's Work into a Book

Children are natural creators. Their imaginations are alive and are bursting with colours, games, ideas and concepts. Their minds – like their bodies – are constantly on the move, and many children channel these thoughts into characters and adventures.

Have you ever been surprised by the ability of your child to create stories, or have been amazed by the detail and depth of a picture he or she has drawn? Do you have a young emerging writer or budding artist in your family? Does your child want to be a writer and dream of writing a book? Little Green Olives is for you!

Little Green Olives is an imprint dedicated to supporting young creators by working with them to develop their ideas into well-structured stories, narratives and poems, with or without illustrations, that are ready for publication.

Resources for Aspiring Writers

How to Create a Convincing Character

To make your characters in your books as realistic as possible, you need to know everything about them.

Use these questions to build a consistent profile or resume for each of your characters.

How to Structure a Book

How are you going to write your book? When? How long will your book be? What type of structure will you use?

Feeling overwhelmed? Use our checklist to plan your book before you start.

How to Create a Picture Book

Australian artist and published author, Fiona Mearon Long, shares her tips for how to create a picture book.

Different Types of Illustrations

Unsure about how to illustrate your book? There are many different types of illustrations that you can include. See some examples here.

Useful Organisations

If you would like to be an author, these are some very useful organisations to be aware of – or even join!

How to Collect Permissions

If you want to use words or pictures you will need to obtain permission from copyright holders.

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