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Photo of Susan Ramage, Green Olive Press author

Susan Ramage

Susan Ramage is a graduate of the University of New South Wales and an award-winning author who lives in Sydney. Her love of nature is celebrated in The Urban Escapees, her second book, where the story of Benjamin Brushtail and his family draws attention to the need for urban planning that is considerate and compassionate […]

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Photo of Rob Oliver, Green Olive Press author

Rob Oliver

Rob Oliver was born and raised in country Victoria, before moving to Melbourne to attend University. He worked for many years in banking and now works for himself helping businesses better explain what they do. As most of his work involves writing, he thought ‘why not write something fun for a change?’ He lives in […]

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Olga Chaplin

Olga Chaplin was born in the Ukraine during World War 2. She immigrated to Australia and now lives in Sydney, NSW.

The Man From Talalaivka is her first work of historical fiction.

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Photo of Angela Kelly, Green Olive Press author

Angela Kelly

Angela Kelly lives in Brisbane with her partner Chris, and is a stay-at-home mother to Annika, 8 and Mitchell, 6. When she’s not dreaming of her next trip to the French Alps, she enjoys walking and yoga, reading and writing, champagne, coffee and croissants. In a former life, she was a Chartered Accountant with a […]

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Photo of Fiona Mearon Long, Green Olive Press author

Fiona Mearon Long

Fiona Mearon Long is an Australian fine artist who has been painting and illustrating for over twenty years. Her passion for illustration led her to write and illustrate this book for her son and stepsons who love to talk about dragons with their Welsh father, who sings them lullabies and folk songs in his native […]

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Photo of David Wansbrough, Green Olive Press author

David Wansbrough

David is a philosopher, lecturer, writer and artist. His publications include On the Lip of the Pit, Word Weaving, At the Edge of Darkness and the award-winning A Pillar of Salt.

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Photo of Valerie Pybus, Green Olive Press author

Valerie Pybus

Valerie Pybus, Dip. ACJ Australian College of Journalism, Professional Children’s Writer is a Past President of both the Society of Women’s Writers NSW Inc. and Fellowship of Australian Women Writers Manly & Peninsular Regional. An active member of Australian Society of Authors.

Following the success of her last Travel Book Distant Reflections, Spain, Portugal and Morocco […]

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Photo of Ryan and Emma Grimbly, Green Olive Press authors

Ryan and Emma Grimbly

Ryan and Emma are a married couple who co-wrote Meet The Websprites. They were inspired by their mutual love of fantasy books and films, as well as their love of nature and animals.

Ryan studied Digital Animation and has always been a keen storywriter and illustrator.

Emma has had a passion for writing and creating stories since […]

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James Harlow Brown

Jim Brown graduated from Marquette University with a Bachelor’s in electrical engineering, served as a Marine Corps officer, joined IBM and worked at NASA, graduated from Catholic University of America with a Master’s in applied physics, became an executive in IBM and Satellite Business Systems, received a Certificate in Theology from Georgetown University, became a […]

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