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About Green Olive Press

Established in 2007, Green Olive press is an independent publishing company based in Australia.

Green Olive Press publishes a small number of ‘stories worth writing, writing worth reading’, including children’s books, literature, poetry and books about the natural environment.

In addition, Green Olive Press provides services to companies, not-for-profit organisations and individuals. Further information can be found on the Services page.

Bookshops and retail outlets wishing to stock Green Olive Press books should contact Peribo Distributors of Fine Books.

Photo of Caroline Webber, Green Olive Press publisher and author

Coming Soon

We are currently working on these exciting new books which will be released very soon!

If you would like to be the first to receive a copy, place your pre-order now and we’ll ship you a copy as soon as it’s ready. We’ve provided an expected release date for each book but occasionally  things don’t go to plan and we may need to delay the release. We’ll let you know if there are going to be any delays but we’re sure you’ll understand.




No matter what genre your book is – from picture books to corporate publications – Green Olive Press can help you create the perfect publication that meets all your requirements (and your budget!).


Before publishing your book, you will need the services of a good editor. Green Olive Press can help you with copy editing, proofreading, verification editing and more


Have an idea but don't have time to research and write your own book? We can take care of everything from research through to ghostwriting.


At Green Olive Press we know how hard it can be to write a book. It can be difficult to stay focused, keep on track, or find inspiration. We can provide a coaching service that is tailored to your individual needs.

Little Green Olives

Little Green Olives by Green Olive Press

Have you ever been surprised by the ability of your child to create stories, or have been amazed by the detail and depth of a picture he or she has drawn?

Do you have a young emerging writer or budding artist in your family?

Does your child want to be a writer and dream of writing a book?

Little Green Olives is for you!