Caroline Webber

Caroline has been passionate about books and writing for as long as she can remember and published her own monthly newspaper when she was ten years old. She is an editor and publisher and has worked in the publishing industry for over fifteen years. Although Caroline usually works with other people’s words, she is also an experienced writer and has written a number of reviews, articles and technical documents, and a book to accompany a series of workshops she delivered about the publishing process, Putting pen to paper. She has also contributed a number of articles to The Literary Encyclopedia (online).

Caroline has a doctorate from the University of Liverpool (UK) for her research on eighteenth-century literature and editorial practices in Gaston de Blondeville by the Gothic novelist, Ann Radcliffe. Caroline’s critical edition of Gaston de Blondeville was published in 2020 and can be purchased by clicking here. She is currently working on a critical edition of Radcliffe’s St Alban’s Abbey (2020) and Radcliffe’s travel writing (2021).

Caroline recently wrote an introduction to a re-issue of The History of the Society of Women Writers Victoria Branch 1970 -1986. This can be purchased by clicking here.

Working alongside Melbourne-based artist Kathryn Garland, Caroline is also working on a book called Wonder which showcases all the amazing adventures you can have around Victoria with kids and is delighted that children’s novelist Andy Griffiths has agreed to write the foreword to the book.