Nettie Lodge

Nettie Lodge is an Australian contemporary painter, author and illustrator of children’s books. She lives on Scotland island, NSW Australia and exhibits regularly at The Soho Galleries, Sydney. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art, John Curtain University, WA., a Post Graduate in painting from the Banff Centre of Fine Arts in Alberta, Canada. Her work explores the strange and the narratively awkward.


    Tell Tails: An Anthology for Animals

    TELL TAILS, An Anthology for Animals (written and illustrated by Nettie Lodge) is an A to Z collection of poems and illustrations that brings the animal world to life. Each animal has its own story about its character, its origin and its place in nature to inspire young zoologists. Through inquiry and the joy that all animals bring to our world, TELL TAILS shines a light on the rare, the endangered, the vulnerable, the mighty and the most loved animals in the world.