Meet the Websprites

Meet The Websprites is a collection of short fables aimed at children and families. The Websprites are happy, fairylike creatures who possess magical helpers known as Crystal Buddies, little sentient jewels who aid the Websprites in their day to day lives. The Boogs on the other hand are selfish, lazy and spiteful creatures who live to make mischief and create trouble for the Websprites.

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Ryan and Emma Grimbly

Ryan and Emma are a married couple who co-wrote Meet The Websprites. They were inspired by their mutual love of fantasy books and films, as well as their love of nature and animals.

Ryan studied Digital Animation and has always been a keen storywriter and illustrator.

Emma has had a passion for writing and creating stories since childhood.

With Ryan's illustrations they bring the stories of the Websprites to life.

Emma and Ryan were married in 2017 and live in England with their pet cockatiel, Twizzle.

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