The Publicity Push

Reputation is the single most important factor in your professional life and one of the most cost effective strategies used to highlight a person’s profile is publicity.

The Publicity Push is a guide designed for those who want to create a media profile but have no knowledge or experience in using publicity tactics.

The Publicity Push demonstrates how to develop and implement publicity campaigns, addresses the importance of understanding how the media operates and emphasizes the value of possessing a long-term vision.

Establishing and building a positive media profile in a crowded and fickle market demands skilful planning and strategic delivery.  The Publicity Push equips the reader with all the information necessary to create successful campaigns so you can stand out from the crowd.

“If all the publicists and PR people I have dealt with over the past forty years had followed the advice offered … in this excellent book – and followed it precisely – I would endlessly sing their praises. This is clear, lucid, accurate, sensible and realistic advice from an experienced publicist who has thought long and hard about her profession. If you want to  become a great publicist: read this carefully and wrap yourself in its good advice.”

Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald

“I wish this kind of resource had been available when I first started in PR and Promotions in the music industry. My entertainment management students will lap this up.”

Ben Steer, Head of Entertainment Business Management, JMC Academy

Morag White has over 20 years experience as a publicist with roles as Communication Manager, Screen Producers Association, Publicity & Promotions Manager, Larrikin Entertainment and Marketing & Publishing Manager, Music Sales.

Morag’s business, Push Productions, has worked with such clients as Film Australia, One Extra Dance, Australian Youth Orchestra and the Goethe Institute.

Morag has taught PR at TAFE, APM, JMC Academy and was a regular guest lecturer for UTS’s School of Leisure, Sport and Tourism.